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Domain Name Registration
  • Domain Name Registration

Domain Name Registration


We will register your preferred domain name for you (provided it is available) and connect it to the website once we are ready to go live.


PLEASE NOTE: This is an add-on service for customers purchasing a website design project with us. We do not provide stand-alone domain hosting services you must be a website customer.


You will be required to also select the Domain Hosting Subscription to go with this Domain Name Registration

  • The terms for this project will fall under the same working agreement that was filled out for your website build.

  • We leave email management and IT solutions to people that specialize in that area. For that reason, we’ve partnered with Wilkins IT who manages and takes care of email for most of our clients that don’t do it themselves.


    They charge $120/Yr. for their standard email hosting but if you need something a little more robust, like Office 365, they can offer that to you as well.


    Your email would be set up and paid directly to Wilkins IT Solutions who would also manage this for you.


    Alex (the owner of Wilkins IT) is the person I would put you in touch with regarding setting up your email if you select one of the email options.

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