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Yellow pencils image for custom website design
  • Yellow pencils image for custom website design

Basic Start-up Website Design


Would you like to have a professional-looking website for your business but don't have the budget to get a Custom Designed Website? We can build you a website on an existing WIX template tailored to your brand. This will give you all the same features that our custom websites have to let customers know who you are, what you offer, and how you can help your customers, all with a strong call to action. It will just be built on an existing WIX template that we'll tailor to your brand – so it will have similarities to others that use the same template.


We will create a website with up to 2 pages for your business including a home page and an additional site page that could be a Service Page; Our Team Page; Contact Page; or Products Page.


  • Basic SEO Setup
  • Indexing With Google
  • Single Contact Form Setup
  • Connection of up to 1 Domain Name
  • Mobile Optimization


Once your purchase is completed and you have filled out our Working Agreement, you will be provided with a shared folder to upload all your images, logos, and text files for us to use on your site. In addition, you will have a Website Checklist available in the shared folder for you to check off all the elements you will need to supply to us to complete your project. We typically do not begin building your site until you have supplied us with all the required elements from the checklist.

  • To get started, we will need you to review and fill out our working agreement. You can review the agreement with the link below (NOTE: you must become a site member to access our working agreement page). 



    Contact us at 1 (905) 434-4473 or email to receive your agreement code in order to submit our working agreement.


    PLEASE NOTE: even if you have paid for our services, work will not commence until the working agreement has been filled out and you have provided us with the needed content to build the website (i.e. text, logos & photos). Once that is all in place, we will start the project and delivery/workback schedules will be set.

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