Website Hosting Subscriptions

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Website Hosting
C$146.00every year until canceled

We offer either Standard or Co-Managed Hosting Subscription options with all our website builds.


For basic Personal Webpages select the default Personal Hosting. For Business Sites with business features upgrade to either Entrepreneur or Business Hosting. E-Commerce sites require either Business or Business Extra Hosting.


If you would like to manage your site content and make changes to your site yourself then add the Co-Managed option to your hosting subscription.

  • If you would like to cancel your subscription you will need to let us know by either email or phone 48 hours prior to the renewal date otherwise your card will be charged for another year of hosting. If you cancel by email, we will confirm your cancellation within 24 Hrs. If you do not receive a cancellation receipt from us within 24 hours after cancelling then please call us just incase your email didn't properly get to us.

    Your hosting is paid up for the entire year so even if you choose to cancel early your account will remain active until that actual renewal date of the service.